Upcoming assembly elections in india 2013

About 8 states have upcoming assembly election in India 2013 with Gujarat and Himachal in November and December 2012. The states whose five year term period is ending are listed below with their number of seats and time period of their house period. The upcoming states election in india 2013 will help to judge the voters mood and will produce the environment for loksabha election which may held any time 2013 or 2014.In India election is a common phenomenon that keeps on occurring in some or other state each year.

BJP led NDA and Congress led UPA are the major party will be having a close fight for elections.

The names of 8 states where upcoming state elections are going to held in 2013 are listed below :-

Following is the 5 year period schedule of current state government ending in 2013. Upcoming elections are generally conducted about one month before this schedule.

Present ruling Party
KARNATAKA Election 05.06.2008 04.06.2013 28 224 BJP
MADHYA PRADESH Election 13.12.2008 12.12.2013 29 230 BJP
MEGHALAYA Election 11.03.2008 10.03.2013 2 60 INC
MIZORAM Election 16.12.2008 15.12.2013 1 40 INC
NAGALAND Election 27.03.2008 26.03.2013 1 60 Naga People’s Front
NCT DELHI Election 18.12.2008 17.12.2013 7 70 INC
RAJASTHAN Election 1.1.2009 31.12.2013 25 200 INC
TRIPURA Election 17.03.2008 16.03.2013 2 60 CPI(M)
Chhattisgarh Election 05.01.2009 04.01.2014 11 90 BJP

Do not forget to comment below , your choice of state government with state name.

Above Date is taken from official site of election commission.
Note: This data is accurate till new election do not take place.

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