Upcoming assembly elections in india 2014

Almost 6 state have upcoming assembly election in 2014. Most of this Vidhan sabha state election for 2014 are congress ruled. This will put extra pressure on Congress to defend themselves. On the other hand the lok sabha election result and PM candidate projection from all parties will also play a crucial role in state election and could add extra strength to party.

Following is the 5 year period schedule of current state government ending in 2014. Upcoming elections are generally conducted about one month before this schedule.

Present ruling Party
ANDHRA PRADESH 03.06.2009 02.06.2014 42 294 INC
ARUNACHAL PRADESH Election 05.11.2009 04.11.2014 2 60 INC
HARYANA 28.10.2009 27.10.2014 10 90 INC
MAHARASHTRA Election 08.12.2009 07.12.2014 48 288 INC+NCP
SIKKIM Election 22.05.2009 21.05.2014 1 32 SDF

Do not forget to comment below , your choice of state government with state name.

Above Date is taken from official site of election commission.
Note: This data is accurate till new election do not take place.

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